Sunday, April 15, 2007


- Mixed my inks together: Black thermochromic + regular screen inks (hot pink, electric blue, and bright orange). I'm using Versatex water-based screen inks, as my 'regular' screen ink.

Be warned of this though: The black thermo ink is not as opaque as you might think. The orange mixed in turned it into chocolate pudding brown, the red into a kind of dark purple, and the blue made it almost slightly greenish. It's ok though; it's still muted enough to not be too ugly or noticeable. When heated, it should turn from it's cold murky color to bright red/blue/orange when heated.

Current set-backs:

- I planned on using abc no rio to silkscreen, but they are only available tues/weds/thurs for 2.5hrs each day :(.

- will not ship lithium batteries via air, only by ground. Even though they let you pick that shipping option at checkout, and don't tell you ANYWHERE that that is their policy. After I had placed my order with them, they emailed me later informing me of this policy, and that my shipment would not arrive until Wednesday or Thursday (which is much too late). They wouldn't even cancel my order for me as a courtesy. I'm obviously not too happy with them.

- I tried putting my Bekaert VN 14 1/90 thread into my sewing machine. It frays very easily!!! So i might have to hand-sew my circuitry. The thread will need to be double or tripled up as well, so that the connection is strong (both physically and electrically).

In other news (i.e. GOOD news), I tested using my Bekaert BK 50/1 thread, which has very low resistance, in place of the hard wires in my circuit. It conducts electricity wonderfully! It totally works, as though i was using my usual 22 gage wire! Everything lit up as expected. As with the VN 14 thread, it needs to be doubled up in order to have a strong physical and electrical connection. When I used only one-ply of the thread, the LED on the other end softly flickered. This thread frays very easily as well, so it will definitely need to be hand-sewn into my garment.

I still have to do a lot. This is the order in which it'll be done:
- make php script work
- cell-phone app (processing mobile?)
- hook up arduino code
- test circuit with data coming from 'net
- print dress
- sew in circuit!
- insulate everything

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