Thursday, April 19, 2007

got working:
- used hot glue to insulate board and bare threads. also used interfacing over components and their thread, to insulate from other components.

- i am getting a voltage reading of around 3v off my thread, but i can't even light up an LED with it.
- bootloader has stopped working in arduino.
- php script gets all screwy when i take less than 6 readings

- get test swatch to turn to clear.
- paint ink onto dress. cure it!!
- complete insulation
- add in other batteries

in the next iteration, the project will include these upgrades/features:

- eventually, get maxValue based on average hits from php (this value should be dynamic)
- if it is earlier than the 6th, the days will get all screwed up! build functionality that lets php know what to do if it's before the 6th.

- look at python... can detect which tower your phone is connected to!

- connects to network via cellphone
- make into a background app (like aim, etc)

- look for 'disconnected' over serial port. open up 2 terminal windows and monitor ports
- does temperature checking
- reset lastPing, so it doesn't go over 4 hours

- silkscreened designs
- more threads

- set up a web page where people can enter data in.
- find different things to monitor. maybe make a set of clothing items for different means (to raise awareness for different kinds of issues)
- fun applications??? music related?

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