Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Talked to Tom and found out how to use a MOSFET driver. I was advised that a MOSFET is the way to go for sending current down threads. I will still be shorting out a battery, but the MOSFET will allow me to control when and which threads get power sent through them via the arduino (or any microcontroller, for that matter). I am going to try to track down a smaller version of the arduino, which is being developed here at itp. It is much more conducive to being sewn into a wearable application than the mini or full-sized arduino, because of its smaller dimensions, including thickness.

Today I'm going to get in touch with a couple people to figure out how to connect to the internet via my cellphone.

current steps outline:
- get cellphone to connect to net and return data to arduino
- build working mosfet circuit with basic on/off code
- try creating a bus.. see how long battery drains when you have multiple threads attached
- see how long battery drains with just one thread attached.
- build circuit with working arduino code, doing data scrape.
- create design for dress
- stitch threads into dress
- screen on design
- stitch in circuitry!
- figure out power source

Much thanks to Marcelo, who has been advising me along the way, particularly with giving me the idea to use MOSFETs in the first place.

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